Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Flower vase with chips can

A flower vase made with old chips can, sticking chart paper, tooth pick and sequence. In sticking the chart paper i slightly supported her, with the third try only we got it right. As the tooth pick was not getting stuck on the chart paper with the normal gum, i used the all purpose adhesive glue one. So i applied the glue and advised her for each step. Still the sticking part she did it pretty well. She needs much more practice in sticking the chart paper on the can.


  1. nice idea...

  2. wow dear!! real gud job!! inshallah, you will improve very fast.

    Sona - Quick Picks

  3. merhabalaar:)
    ne hoşş ne cici bir sayfa bu öyle..
    takipçinizim bundan böyle.
    bende sizi bekliyorum sayfama,arzu ederseniz elbette.