Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Coloring in Plain paper

Today, I gave her a plain paper just to color, it is not that I gave her, she told me she wants to color. It is because Vidya and i went to Mawaheb Yesterday to check whether jasmin can get admission there. But unfortunately or may be fortunately as she was not independent she was not eligible for it. From there Gulshan gave her a chart a paper and color to do on it as per her wish. She just mixed some color and made a beautifil page and Gulshan just drew a simple flower on it, it was really a cute work. From there Gulshan, Wemmy and many others motivated by telling it was very beautiful work done by her. So she wanted to re do it from here too. So i gave her the Color and Chart Paper, without my advice she tried to bring what she did from there. Then after that I gave her the crayon and told her to draw flower, i drew one for her and rest she managed to do it.
Thanks a lot JulieJulie George, Vidya, Gulshan and Wemmy for your support.


  1. Superb mix of colors,she is got the talent..great going!

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