Sunday, April 26, 2020

Oreo Pudding

Oreo Pudding Ingredients

Oreo Crushed
Oreo biscuits
Whipped Cream
Milk for dipping


First spread whipped cream. Then dip oreo in milk and spread evenly on top of  whipping cream. Then again spread whipped cream evenly and then again layer with oreo dipped in milk. Then spread whipped cream and top it up with crushed oreos.

Jasmin enjoyed making oreo pudding, this was her first attempt in cooking.  I verbally assisted her in each and every step. To my surprise she did it much more than I expected.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Photo Puzzle

Items required: Family photo print out and a cardboard to stick the photo print out. Then cut into pieces.

I took a print of our family photo and told her to arrange in correct order. First she didn’t understand. I made and showed  her three times, the surprisingly she did it perfectly. I started a youtube channel for her in that full video is there of  her making the puzzle. While taking the video so couldn’t take step by step clicks

Horticulture (Microgreens) Green Gram

I placed wet tissue on a bowl and told Jasmin to put some green gram to it and poured water. Next day it sprouted. Daily I showed her greens and told to sprinkle water to it. She was enjoying each day watching it. After 5 days it became as shown in photos. Then we cooked and had for rice. Below the picture of cooked greens. She enjoyed eating it too😊

Colouring cat

Gave her the picture of cat  to colour. Colouring she has improved a lot. She coloured and named the picture 

Small &Big Concept

Big and small concept. I drew and gave some pictures and told her to mark B for big and S for small. Colour it and told to name the pictures. She knew the spelling of those pictures.

Family tree

Drew a tree and gave her, she coloured the tree and stuck photos amd made her write the names of family members. Spelling i wrote and gave her in a paper.