Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chain made of beads

With the thread alone she couldn't insert the beads to the thread. So with the needle on the thread she could do it easier and fast. I just gave the assorted beads and told her to line up as per her wish. The tying part after making the chain i did it for her. So happy that she could do it well with big beads now have to try with smaller one.


  1. your daughter is very talented :)

  2. i loved her smile in last snap..i can c the satisfaction c got after this wrk..

    1. y dnt you try ceramic crafts for her..
    i dnt remember exactly abt ingredients and combinations..plaster of paris, ceramic powder etc etc..

    u can search in net..
    so she can make different shapes.

    2. try pot painting.. let her do her on designs on pots with fabric paints

  3. clothil fabric paint cheyyu mole,its too easy,kaikalil color aaki finger sign undaki noku,easy nd cute aanu ...ur really talent

  4. jasmine has done it well.. she has the gift in her hands...her happiness is evident in teh last snaps..i think that is the most important thing.. the happiness she gets...

  5. Jasmine has lot of different talents! She should definitely try more of jewelry making! Very glad to see the happiness on her face with the finished product :)

  6. Nice and innocent smile pls visit my blog veg fabric painting ,thumb painting ondu molku cheyyan pattum